Graduated in Fine Art College of Valencia (Spain), and currently working as illustrator and concept artist for video games and film.

Working since 2007 as freelance, Specialized in Science-Fiction and Fantasy themes. I’ve made several book-covers and illustrations for RPG books, gameboards and novels (either inside art, miniature designs and CCG based cardgames). I created art for the several companies mentioned below. I’ve also produced a series of didactic resources and material for Animum3D School, consisting in several illustrations and video-lessons about human and animal anatomy.


Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2(2014; KONAMI, Mercury Steam)
Capture The Flag(2015; Lightbox Animation, Paramount Pictures)
Raiders Of The Broken Planet(Mercury Steam)
Tadeo Jones 2(Lightbox Animation, Paramount Pictures)


Mercury Steam Entertainment, Lightbox Animation, Animum3D, Farlight Games Industry, DREAMBOX Games, Alderac Entertainment Group, Green Ronin, Mongoose Publishing, The Far Wilds, Dark Realm Miniatures, Conquest Of Arthenia, 23 Escalones, No Solo Rol, AJEC, 8 VECES.


Exotique 4
Expose 9 (Excellence concept art)
The Art Of Castlevania Lords Of Shadow
Top-notch Digital Art
Geek-Art: The Artbook
S-Artbook Vol.1
Concept Art Dopress Books